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Product name: Slimming Coffee
Ingredients: Coffee, L- Carnitine, Hawthorn, Lotus leaf, Balsam pear and Coffee creamer.
Main functions: Promoting the breaking down of fat into energy, reducing the accumulated fat in the body, promote weight loss and slim figure.
Storage: Store in sealed condition at a cool & dry place and keep away from sunlight.
Caution: Not used by children, one with cardiac conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes, during pregnancy or nursing periods. Consult personal physician if in doubt.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?
Green Coffee Bean Extract is the extract derived from the unroasted coffee bean. A recent study published in Diabetics, Metabolic Syndrome & Obesity Journal showed dramatic weight loss with no side effects for a test group of subject that took Green Coffee Bean Extract.

How does green coffee bean extract work?
Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract has shown promising results in weight loss studies, and has been promoted by the medical community as a fat-burning supplement. Test subject were asked not to change their diet or lifestyle, and yet still recorded amazing weight loss results with no side effects. Some researches believed this was due to the naturally occurring in green coffee beans; however, the amount of caffeine, at 20mg, per 800mg, serving is minimal. In fact, a typical cup of coffee can contain 100 mg or more  per cup! Researchers now point to Chiorogenic Acid, a compound found in Green Coffee Bean Extract that is thought to help the body regulate glucose levels and speed up metabolic functions. This thermognic compound can help the body naturally burn more calories.

What Can Green coffee bean do for you ?

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Why control your weight is very important ?
Do you want  to be one of them?

1. Greater Self Confidence!
2. Improved  Self Esteem!
3. Better Appearance!
4. Improved Sex Drive!
5. Greater Opportunity To Enjoy Life!
6. Participation In More Activities!
7. Improved Enthusiasm And Zeal For Life!

Why you should try us?

Ways of Reduce Weight Result Side-effect
Go to hospital for liposuction Quick effective Is that safe?
Keep doing sport Slow effective Hard to insist!
A cup of Best share coffee Quick effective Safe and easy to keep on !
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Benefits of our Slimming Coffee !

1. High Level of Antioxidants!
2. Metabolism Booster!
3. Burning of Stored Fat!
4. Control The Release of Glucose
5. Lowering Blood Pressure And Cholesterol!
6. Powerful Appetite Suppressant!
7. Improved Heart Health !
8. Improved Mental Alertness!
9. Detoxifying Liver!
10.Enhanced Energy Levels!