Product Description


Slimming Belt theory:
Best Share far-infrared self-heating waist slimming belt: Appliances titanium core, combined with the nano-bio-functional materials are made of high-tech products. Double with thermoelectric and piezoelectric effect, and the formation of the human body magnetic resonance were called.

Energy through the body’s own continuous discharge heat, negative ions, far infrared heat generated deep effect. Can effectively improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and clear the meridians, thin waist, US abdomen, legs, also slim your curves, beautiful.

Slimming Belt Directions:
Firstly, wipe the water on the self-heating part of the waist belt. Then directly fixed the belt to waist joints highly. Usually after 15 minutes, you can significantly feel a sense of thermal and acupuncture. According to individual’s physical condition, decide the length of time to wear. If you feel skin burning sensation, pls take off for a moment. It is normal, and can’t damage the skin.

You can also not wipe the water on the waist belt, and just need longer time. It is recommended to use 1-2 hours a day. When it is new to use the heating belt, it will heat strong. As the use of time longer, it will be weakened, and start heating time will be longer. After use 4-5 years, the product will no longer hot, but still have care effect.

Slimming Belt Attentions
  1. It is for the high fever and bleeding phenomenon, temperature sensory disturbance and wear site skin damaged persons.
  2. Pl sue after 24 hours for the acute soft tissue injured.
  3. It is prohibited for the body with heat pacemakers.
  4. It is caution for individual allergic who army cause skin redness and burning phenomenon. Take off the product, the phenomenon disappear after 20 minutes.
  5. Don’t use on the eyes and other sensitive areas.
  6. Pregnant women and children should not use
  7. It is prohibited to put under the sun exposure, ironing, long soak in water wash, and do not use detergent, bleach, soap to wash. It only need to wash with water in 5 minutes.
Slimming Belt Application

Burning fat and losing weight, relieving rheumatism and cold, warming the meridians, promoting blood circulation and pain relief, applying to all kinds of joint pain, body chills, ice cold legs and so on.