Item Pheromones perfume
Function Attract men
User Women
Weight 80g
Packaging Color box
Sample Available


This pheromeone perfume is especially for women use, and improves female glamor and sex attraction, help them ATTRACT male.

  1. Attracting the heterosexual people, to increase your favor, enhance your personal charm, make you are more likely to make male friends.
  2. It makes them love you, ignites a new fire of love and affection.
  3. 3.Lifts careers, cos by using it in business activities, the pheromones works on the man’s subconscious  mind  to make them feel good to you, easier to deal with you.
  4. Get confidence, using pheromones can subconsciously make people around you trust you tremendously by enhancing your confidence.

No matter where you are, and that seductive atmosphere will make your spirits not resist sensibility, the touch of this  body fragrance makes you more attractive in his eyes

Pheromone lure can be aromatic signal silent subconscious passed to the opposite sex pheromone, which naturally trigger romantic feelings. This scientifically designed as a perfume with pheromone attractant, it can send signals to partner.

Pheromones can be integrated with your sweat, so your body exudes a peculiar smell of pheromones. Its pleasing aroma will effectively stimulate your lover’s brain, and induce sexual arousal. You can also spray the sheets, which can make your sex partner libido increase, the effect will be sustainable for a long time.

Suitable for women who wanna get more sex attraction and get more successful career and make more friends.

Usage: press the button at the top of bottle, spray some on the back of ears, neck, breast, wrist, thigh or waist. note that don’t spray too much each time, shake the bottle before spraying.

Specification: 80ml

Only available for use externally.