Item Pheromone
Function Attract opposive sex
User men/women
Weight 29.0g
Packaging Color box
Sample Available


Connubial pheromone is a popular pheromone for men and women, which has got many good reviews from customers around the world. It uses a combination of different human pheromones to make it has more effective. We have been in focused on pheromones perfume for many years. We want provide normal customers with best quality product, helping more men to attract their women and also women to attact their loving men. Just a few sprays give maximum results for users.

Heterosexual smell is a silent language, potential drug, good for physical and mental health of men and women, heterosexual smell plays an irreplaceable role. The study has shown that: For isolated populations, as long as there is little of heterosexual smell, it makes them calm. In a Women centralized environment, the spirit of the woman would becomes different after meeting a member of the opposite sex who has the smell of this pheromone.

Female scent for men also has a magical effect. For example astronauts often suffer from cosmic disease (headache plus malaise), later added a female astronaut, the symptoms disappeared. Not long ago, it so happened among the Australian Antarctic expedition researchers that everyone seemed to get a strange disease: day groggy, mental depression, all the drugs could not help, some people also were suffering from a severe amnesia. A PHD study of University of Canberra investigated and concluded: reason was a serious imbalance in the sex ratio and lack of sex odor. Four females doctors were dispatched to assist the work, the problem was soon solved magically.

Even naturally some animals bodies secrete a hormone, also  called sex hormone or animal pheromones, humans have a similar phenomenon, men and women have a physiological odor personality, which is mature after puberty. Men and women have distinct and individual odor,.

Function of pheromones perfume:
  1. Attract the opposite sex, opposite sex increases your favor, enhance your personal charm.
  2. Inspire love, It can let people around you ignite a new fire for love.
  3. To help the career, after using it in business activities, pheromones in the subconscious to make them feel good to you.
  4. Get confidence.

Product kind: pheromone for men/Pheromone for women.

Specification: 29ml.

Spray area: neck, back of ears, wrist, waist and other place of body.

Only for external use.

Keep out of reach of children.