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Dragon Oil Delay Spray- 0723408602


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Dragon Oil delay spray / sex oil / premature ejaculation.

[Usage]: Extend time of ejaculation for 40mins. Help males to recover the strength, tonify the kidney and prevent sex diseases.

[Dosage]: Spray on the glans 2-3 times 30-40mins before having sex, the dosage should be less according to different people, especially for the first user.

[Function]: This product will be absorbed within 5mins, works for 30mins to 3 hors. The effects will not disappeared by shower.

Effect: Reduce the sensitivity of the penis, delayed ejaculation and be effective in preventing premature ejaculation.

Dose and usage: For external use only, Spray this product to the glans penis 2-3 times before sexual intercourse, Significant effect will appear after 10 minis.

Summary: Dragon oil is a surface, skin and, due to its excellent tolerance, mucous membrane anaesthetic in liquid FM. Its indications include processes which prevent and control sensation of skin and mucous membranes. It is, therefore, also applied in case of premature ejaculation.

[Ingredient]: Fructus cnidii, flos caryophyllata, herbal asari heterotropoidedis, ethanol etc.


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