Product The best poppers
Ingredient 2-propyl nitrite
Unit weight 40g/bottle
Specification 10ml
User Gays/Lesbian
Packaging bottle


Function of popper liquid aroma
  1. Rush popper is often used as aphrodisiac, to increase sexual experience and intensify sex orgasm. After using rush popper, immediately it will cause smooth muscles around the blook vessles to fully relax, after the smooth muscles relax, it will make blood vessels increase the blood flow in the body and hearbeat rate. Then it will make whole body have strong sensation and ultra excitement lasting for several minutes, user will feel very “high and awesome”.
  2. As rush popper relaxes anal sphincter. So it is convenient for gay to insert penis into anus to finish sex activity smoothly and avoid hurt.
  1. Open the bottle cap, place the mouth of bottle 1cm-2cm(0.39inch-0.79inch) under the nose.
  2. Press one side of nostril, using other nostril to deeply breath by 2-4 times.
  3. Twist the bottle cap right now once finish inhaling.



  1. Don’t overdose to inhale each time.
  2. Don’t contact liquid with eyes or skin, immediately rinse with water once happen.
  3. Because it is volatile, so don’t let it close fire and under the sunshine.
  4. Don’t mix using it with other afrodyn.
  5. Don’t use poppers if people have hypotension or heart disease.
Q: What’s rush popper?
  • A: Rush is one of popular poppers, whic is used by gays or straight men to improve sex excitement and sensation, get longer orgasm, besides, it is easy for gay to finish anal intercourse.
Q: How rush to work in body after inhaling?
  • A: Check the answer above “Function of popper liquid aroma
Q: Hot to use rush?
  • A: In order to enhance sexual drive, the compound must be absorbed by the blood stream through the lungs. Although inhaling is the most preferred method, the recreational drug can also be injected into the blood stream. The key is to start with a small dose while gradually increasing it. Sniff the alkyl nitrates directly from the glass bottle that they are sold in. In order to prevent evaporation or spilling of the liquid, many people pour a small amount in a separate bottle stuffed with cotton. It has been advised that in case of side effects, such as accelerated heart rate, severe headache, weakness or fall in blood pressure, it is recommended that you discontinue exposure to its concentrated form.
Q: How to store the rush?
  • A: Because the rush is volatile, it need to be stored in cool place or low environment. It is good if you place it in refrigerator.