Product pwd rush
Ingredient 2-propyl nitrite
Unit weight 40g/bottle
Specification 10ml
Wearer Men/Women
Color Blue bottle


Rush aroma poppers are not specially for men, in fact, women also can use it well, but most of users still are men.

The first work of rush popper is to totally relax the smooth muscles of body, at the same time, relaxation of blood vessels, speed up the blood vessel flow and heartbeat, it brings that nice and hot sensation and causes lots of oxygen-bearing blood to rush through brain, users will have strong excitement and pleasure, leading to a sudden intensification of positive emotions, promoting a sense of raw animal sexuality. It can make orgasm last longer than normal.


Specification: 10ml.

Characteristic: liquid &volatile


  1. Open the bottle cap, place the mouth of bottle 1cm-2cm(0.39inch-0.79inch) under the nose.
  2. Press one side of nostril, using other nostril to deeply breath by 2-4 times.
  3. Twist the bottle cap right now once finish inhaling.


  1. Don’t overdose to inhale each time.
  2. Don’t contact liquid with eyes or skin, immediately rinse with water once happen.
  3. Because it is volatile, so don’t let it close fire and under the sunshine.
  4. Don’t mix using it with other afrodyn.
  5. Don’t use poppers if people have hypotension or heart disease.