This is 30ml English poppers with UK flavor, which is hot selling around the world in sex shops, clubs or online stores.

What’s the function of rush poppers?
Rush poppers can relax muscle of whole body, smooth muscles are not under conscious control, fully relaxed for gays’ intercourse, this is a very good moment to penetrate penis into ass finishing intercourse.

Rush popper’s main ingredient is nitrite, after people inhale it, it can quickly take the blood in the vessel flow into heart, there will be a strong excitement and stimulation, high feeling of orgasm will go through the brain, so a lot of people who used say their orgasm seemed intensified and extended in duration.

Rush poppers are easily volatile, so don’t store too long once it is opened, use it up within 6-8 weeks.

Store rush poppers remaining unopened in their original package and in environment of low temperature, better place in the refrigerator or in freezer compartment.

Rush poppers are flammable, keep it away from fire.

Don’t contact liquid with skin during use.

Keep it out of reach of Children.