American scientists found and extracted the Pheromone perfume from humen sweat in 1986, it was proven by strict experiment that it has strong attarction function for people of opposite sex. Western media like CNN, ABC, New York times etc. has made a large amount of reports, confirming the value
and effect of Pheromone.

Pheromone for women is produced by synthesis, it can help users increase 16 times sexual attraction and have 8 times sexual pleasure, enjoying the best sex feeling. This is a top sex product, using natural material, combined with modern technology, adding pheromone. Spraying it on body or clothing, can efffectively stimulate libido nerve, easily to promote the sex impulse.

Some people think pheromone is the main reason for attraction between male and female, because few animals can withstand its strength, even including insects. For example, smear a little pheromone on the body of male moth, all female moth will can’t help flying to male moth. The theory is also suitable for humen being.

It is very safe, not irritate the skin, no any side effects for human body.

Specification: 50ml.

Function: Increase the female’s sexual attraction to attract men, sending out strong sex glamour from women body, having strong aphrodisiac effects, helping femalel get love and sex from men, leaving
good impression on your partner.

Applicable people: adult women.

How to use
  • Before joining party, dating or meeting friends, press the button at the top of bottle, spray some on the back of ears, neck, breast or wrist, note that don’t spray too much each time, shake the bottle before spraying.
  • Spray some in the air when having sex with men, which can increase the sexual drive of men, adding more sex pleasure.